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This secure video messaging system allows NHS Neonatal intensive care units to record non-clinically sensitive video updates for parents with babies on the NICU/PICU and upload them to the secure vCreate platform. The video clips are meant to be general updates or documentation of important moments when parents are not present.

This document outlines the process of registering for an account and securely accessing your video clips. You also have to complete a consent form to confirm that you allow the NICU/PICU team to record and share video clips about your baby. If you wish to use this system, register as below and ask a member of staff for consent form – you can do this on the phone too.

Account Registration

You can register for a parent account at the following the URL link:



Scroll down to the “Register for an parent account” section.

Enter your email address and a password. These will form your login credentials going forward.

Enter your first and last name and click “Register”.

The team will now receive your registration request and will approve the request accordingly.

Families should have one registration per baby. You can safely share your login details with your close family if you wish.

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